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Broke Wide Open q&a preview by Alexis Marnel
September 16, 2012

What is your job on this show?

When did you know you wanted to work in the theater, and why?
I was in 3rd grade and I adapted comic book stories into plays, then did the casting, directing and had my friends perform them in the playground while I continued to direct from the sidelines. I was a bit of a bossy pants :)

What was the last show you saw that really excited you, and why?
phew.only one? The Lyons - Nikki Silver's ability to write rapid fire intelligent dialogue is fabulously twisted,funny and bittersweet all at once.

Why did you want to write/direct/produce/act in/work on this show?
It broke my heart and made me laugh. I used to work in a group home raising older children where we had to teach them how to live in a family. They were waiting for a family. Some of them were never chosen by prospective adoptive families. I know what they went through, so to witness someone else's experience who was in a "forever family" as an infant really inspired me. Most importantly,Rock Wilk has an electrifying cadence in his speech that grabs your attention and you just want to know more and more about his journey.

Which “S” word best describes your show: SMOOTH, SEXY, SMART, SURPRISING?
I simply can't pick one - because it's smart and surprising.

Can theater bring about societal change? Why or why not?
Art is the catalyst for social change. Without art there are issues that would not be brought to light, that's why sometimes things are deemed controversial and to that I say good! Because people need to be informed on real issues whether they agree or disagree - it's in their memory after they witness it. Art for arts sake is a beautiful thing, art that breeds change shapes society.