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The Living Room q&a preview by Brian LaPerche
May 30, 2013

What is your job on this show?

What is your show about?
A scientists discovers how to keep a person's essence into furniture which results in some problematic relationship drama.

What type of theater do you like most to work on?
Any type of theater in which the people involved are excited about what they are doing. I don't care if its a simple production of a family drama or a 4 hour dance piece with no words and just bird noises. If the people working on it really believe in it and really feel passionate about the project then I can get on board.

Complete this sentence: My show is the only one opening in NYC this spring that...?
...has a battle between a coffee table and a person...yeah it was choreographed and everything. The coffee table is actually a GREAT scene partner. I hope to act with inanimate objects more in the future.

Is there a particular moment in this show that you really love or look forward to? Without giving away surprises, what happens in that moment and why does it jazz you?
There is one scene in which two characters make up a memory together, which is such a silly idea but makes you think of how silly it is when we tell people stories about our past. One characters says "I think 85% of the memories floating around the world today are made up." and you first think that's not true, but then you tell a friend something that happened to you and you realize you might have changed a few things to make it more the way you wanted it to be. The play has a lot of moments like that, where you first laugh at the ridiculousness of it but then you think about how true it is on a weird level.

Which cartoon character would you identify your show with: Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Mickey Mouse, Marge Simpson?
Bugs I would say. Mostly because its a little mischievous with a lot of running around. Also there is a lot of lettuce in this play and (although it's not carrots) I'm sure Bugs would appreciate the greens.

If you had ten million dollars that you had to spend on theatrical endeavors, how would you use the money?
A week long theater festival, outdoors. Like you go into the woods and you walk around and there is all this theater going on all day and all night. Like Woodstock except with theater.