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The Linguists q&a preview by EJ Sepp
June 17, 2013

What is your job on this show?
playwright, director.

What is your show about?
If The Bald Soprano gave birth to Waiting for Godots special-needs child, this play would probably want to go bowling with it.

Are there boundaries as to what kind of theatre you will take part in?
I think actually murdering people on stage is probably crossing the line. I'm also not big on scat.

Complete this sentence: My show is the only one opening in NYC this summer that...?
...has a half-Zulu shaman from the upper-middle-class bush.

Are there any cautions or warnings you’d like to make about the show (e.g., not appropriate for little kids)?
Cat lovers might not love this show.

Which cartoon character would you identify your show with: Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Mickey Mouse, Marge Simpson?
Bugs would totally get along with the main characters. In fact, I think they have some of his molecules.

Can theater bring about societal change? Why or why not?
Yes. Theater goers rarely kick each other's asses in the aisles.