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Untying Love q&a preview by Jed Dickson
October 18, 2012

What is your job on this show?

Do you like to read plays, or just perform them?
Definitely both. I was an English major at Cal Berkeley and very much approach a role first and foremost through the text. I'm always amazed by how much I miss on the page and by how much a character can change on that path from page to performance.

What was the last show you saw that really excited you, and why?
Peter and the Starcatcher. Sure it's fun and a great entertainment, but the sheer theatricality of it was what I liked best. You watch them convert a piece of rope into 20 different things and sit there thinking you wish you were as talented as that rope.

Do you think the audience will talk about your show for 5 minutes, an hour, or way into the wee hours of the night?
Of course it depends on your personal experience with things like the loss of a parent, hospices, sibling relationships, etc., but I think Peggy, the playwright, has given audiences a lot of emotional triggers and a lot to think and talk about. A lot.

Groucho, Chico, Harpo, or Zeppo?
In terms of seeing our play, Harpo. It's a quiet show and if he left the horn at home, he'd be an ideal audience member. Plus, I've seen all the Marx Brothers movies and he never used a cell phone, which I know the cast would appreciate.

Can theater bring about societal change? Why or why not?
I don't know. I hope so. But I do know at least one person will see this show and it will make their lives more understandable, or more supported or help them bridge a difficult time and that seems like a pretty decent way to spend a couple of months.