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Kamikaze q&a preview by Jeroen Bouwhuis
May 23, 2013

What is your job on this show?
Maker, Performer, Actor, Dancer, Composer...

What is your show about?
It is about a lonely man having an exhilarating time on his own.

What do you do when you’re not working on a play?
Hang out, watch movies, play guitar. I love to talk about work, love and life and laugh and cry about it all. And I love to dance!

Are audiences in New York City different from audiences in other cities/countries where you’ve performed? If so, how?
I've played once before in New York City. I am from Holland and there the audiences are a little slower in picking up what I do on stage. I like to move fast! And in Holland they find it hard to keep up sometimes. But of course in a city like New York, where life just moves faster, they where able to get my work much easier and enjoy it more. I'm very curious how it will go this time around..

Do you think the audience will talk about your show for 5 minutes, an hour, or way into the wee hours of the night?
They will talk about into the wee hours of the night. Because there is so much to see and hear. And if I was really good then they will wake up the next day still thinking about my show and maybe even take it with them for the day's to come.

Which “S” word best describes your show: SMOOTH, SEXY, SMART, SURPRISING?
I must say: SMOOTH, SEXY, SMART and SURPRICING. Also SOFISTICATED is a good word to describe my show, according to several people from America who i've met who came to see my shows in Holland.

Who are your heroes?
Quentin Tarantino, John frusciante, Jimi Hendrix, Igor Stravinsky, Frank Zappa, John Cleese, Hans Teeuwen (dutch comedian), Bill Hicks, Tuco (from The Good, the Bad & the Ugly), Tex avery and Sergio Leone & Ennio Morricone for making The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!