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An Evening With Kirk Douglas q&a preview by Katherine Maughan
July 22, 2012

What is your job on this show?
Playwright & Producer.

Where were you born? Where were you raised? Where did you go to school?
Born in Detroit. Raised in Grosse Pointe, MI and Villanova, PA. Spent two years at Mount Holyoke College before transferring and graduating from the University of Pennsylvania (with a few months spent living in India in-between).

Complete this sentence: My show is the only one in FringeNYC that...?
... murders a beloved, elderly actor at every show! (Hint: It's Kirk Douglas)

Do you think the audience will talk about your show for 5 minutes, an hour, or way into the wee hours of the night?
Less talking and more laughing, you guys! We want this to be a fun, fast, and smart 65 minutes of comedy. I hope you talk about it for an hour, but think it was fun for days.

People who like which of the following recent Broadway shows would also probably like your show: THE BOOK OF MORMON, ONCE, DEATH OF A SALESMAN, CLYBOURNE PARK?
Book of Mormon!

Why should people come to FringeNYC this summer, rather than the beach, mountains, or the latest movie blockbuster?
You sound like a real rich person, mentioning all these fancy alternatives! FringeNYC costs $15 and we'll direct you to a cheap bar afterwards. Can't beat that.