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For Love q&a preview by LAOISA SEXTON
March 1, 2013

What is your job on this show?
Playwright, actor.

What is your show about?
FOR LOVE, is a dark blue comedy, Ireland is experiencing one of the greatest economic downturns in it’s history, the great recession, and three women in Dublin, are throwing down their handbags and looking for love, no matter what it costs. This is a relentless ride that takes us on a romp through the urban sexual experiences of three women in modern day central Dublin… Witness what it means to be single to three Irish women, what they will put themselves through and what they will or won’t do…For Love…

Where were you born? Where were you raised? Where did you go to school?
I am an Irish actress, I grew up in Clare, Ennis, Limerick and eventually moved to Dublin as a teen. I have been based on and off in New York for the last few years. This is my third play that I wrote, but my first produced one.

Complete this sentence: My show is the only one opening in NYC this winter that...? about love and sex in modern day Ireland and stars an all Irish cast of actors based in NYC....and directly after the off Broadway premier it will go to the UK CITY OF CULTURE FESTIVAL 2013 in Derry, Northern Ireland and then play five theaters across the UK and Ireland!

Why did you want to write/direct/produce/act in/work on this show?
You can't just be an actor these days, and as everyone knows its much tougher for actresses...and for Irish actresses... ?Every time I go for an audition where they are looking for an Irish female, theres a ton of American actresses with red hair in the room, they seem to have one way of looking at Irish women, ye know pots of gold and over the rainbow... I get they are trying to understand something they know nothing about, but sometimes its a bit boring like... But at the end of the day everyone knows-you have to make your own work, look at all these fab actresses doing it for themselves...Lena Dunham...Tina Fey etc... And what is the point in moaning- when you can spend the time instead working on a script, making a film, using your own resources...acting taught me to always be doing...acting is doing...! Some of my mates back in Ireland ask can you live in NYC isn't it scary-its so big...etc...But the more I live here the more I feel that its all about finding your own way, and ye know where there's a will, there's a way or a my case. Living in NYC, where on any given day, theater is everywhere, you are constantly reminded of change and things happening all around you. It's the same if you are in a tiny village in the West of Ireland or a bustling city, if your open to it, life is everywhere-and as an actor I am constantly fascinated by the human condition and how we react to things and what makes things work and not work because of the choices we make, I am constantly fascinated by people and how they are, how they present themselves to different people and how everyone has so many different presentations of themselves, depending on who or what they are facing. That is our job as actors to be open and observe life and put it in to every role. And being an actor you have the added bonus of seeing what works on stage and how you can use the stage to tell a story... so I think that helps with writing, you also get to read a ton of scripts and work with directors who share little nuggets with you along the you get to form your own opinions. Also as an actor when you experience things you have this extra sense of watching your own self react, at least I do- ye know we all are born with that weird psycho vibe. Of course, I am a new writer and have a lot to learn and time will tell, but hopefully I am going in some direction and hopefully its my own direction, and hence my own take on stuff, things I would like to see in a theater, in a film etc. It must be my own instincts about what I am going to present. I don't believe in NOT following your instincts, every time you go against them on stage or off, its the wrong choice, after all the only thing that makes us different, makes us individuals are our instincts. FOR LOVE was first presented as part of 1st Irish Theatre Festival back in September of last year as part of their new generation writers series. The play was called "the pick of the festival" by the IRISH EXAMINER, and is now receiving it's Off Broadway premier at the legendary Irish Repertory Theatre.

Which “S” word best describes your show: SMOOTH, SEXY, SMART, SURPRISING?
Definitely SEXY...and know what... all of the above!

How important is diversity to you in the theater you see/make?
Well being an irish actor, I feel its important to represent what I know... I mean I'm an actor first ye know...and sometimes I don't get up for things because I'm Irish, but I'm an actor? I mean I can play a bloodthirsty killer so why can't I play a person from Kansas...we are actors that is what we do.... act! Also, in the US there have been so many Irish plays presented here about the troubles and more recently drugs and I wanted to write something more about what is happening now-if your just trying to live your life...Yes, we know we may have one of the most violent histories and we are so many things as a result of that, and Its important but we are many things... guess you could say that about many different races of people but its nice to be able to put something out there that has not been done yet...and hopefully push the boundaries a bit...Also my play features three modern Irish women, and you have not seen these characters before in an Irish play...and hopefully that is refreshing as Irish women are not well represented in Irish theatre, at least not in a new ways. Irish plays are littered with weeping widows and/or sacrificial virgins, there does not seem to be anything in between...and so hopefully this is something new....or at least attempts to represent young Irish women in the world, flawed, yes of course but daring, passionate and provocative, out there looking for love and sex, getting hurt, learning and never learning, with battle scars and beating the name of love, like a dirty pop song...