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Oration q&a preview by Line Tjornhoj
July 25, 2013

What is your job on this show?

What is your show about?
Oration gives a unique description of the human experience and the love and hate, hope and despair, suffering and joy we see in our lifetimes."

What type of theater do you like most to work on?
Music theater and opera in particular provide a unique opportunity to work with important ekstistentielle themes relevant to people's lives. Especially opera creates a space where we as humans can reflect on our lives - the joys and sorrows that shapes us and provide impetus for change.

Are audiences in New York City different from audiences in other cities/countries where you’ve performed? If so, how?
I love being in New York! It's easy to talk to people and they are curious and open. Art is a natural and active part of people's lives and it's wonderful to meet an incredibly diverse audience.

Do you think the audience will talk about your show for 5 minutes, an hour, or way into the wee hours of the night?
I'm pretty sure the audience will talk a long time about Oration. The singers are amazing and the production is beautiful and evocative. In Oration "sound of the human being" is built into the material and the audience will hear great extended voice techniques integrated into Opera. The opera is about the choices we as humans do in our lives and the consequences for life on earth. My hope is that it will inspire thoughtful conversations between people.

Which “S” word best describes your show: SMOOTH, SEXY, SMART, SURPRISING?

How important is diversity to you in the theater you see/make?
All people want to be seen for what they are - creating diversity is a keyword particularly in art because here is the opportunity to create visibility in all human facets. It brings peace, love and harmony!