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Wing-Man q&a preview by Mark Gindick
September 20, 2012

What is your job on this show?
Playwright, Actor.

Do you consider yourself a writer who also performs, an actor who also writes, or something else?
Especially in physical theater, devising and performing go hand in hand. One doesn't build physical theater to be read, they build it to be seen. So it's almost impossible to see where the writer begins and the performer ends and the other way around.

If you have appeared in United Solo, tell us what show(s) you have done here previously. What about your prior experience led you back to this festival?
I performed Wing-Man last year in the festival. I learned a lot about the show just by listening to the audience. I have tweaked major parts of the show to make it work stronger, i hope. I cant wait to see how the audience responds. Often you cant tell if something works in rehearsal.It is the audience that tells you if it works or not.

Who are some of the people who helped you create this show, and what were their important contributions to the finished product?
Ive been so lucky, that some of my mentors have been able to come and spend some time with me to work on this show; Barry Lubin aka "Grandma" from the Big Apple Circus, David Shiner from the broadway hit Fool Moon and Tina & Michael Bongar, producers, and spiritual guiders. But the true Wing-Men of this show are, Karim Muasher, Carrie Brown, Adam Kuchler, Brad Bongar, Matthew Morgan, Melinda Ferraraccio and Ben Schiffer. They have been there for me at every mental block along the way! thanks guys!!!!

Groucho, Chico, Harpo, or Zeppo?

Who are your heroes?
I would like to drink a Gene Kelly, Bruce lee, Charlie Chaplin smoothie.