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K COMMA JOSEPH q&a preview by Matt Higgins
October 19, 2012

What is your job on this show?

What type of theater do you like most to work on?
I like to work on all kinds of theater, but most especially I like to work on new plays. The rehearsal process, with a new play, is exciting. It has been my experience, that the playwright is an integral part of the rehearsal process. The playwright often makes changes to the play as they see and hear it being staged and played. As an actor, I love the challenge of remaining open to changes. Another kind of theater that I love is improvisation and spontaneous theater. I have had the great fortune of being in amazing improvisation and spontaneous theater troupes such Burn Manhattan, Shock of the Funny, and Centralia.

Who is more important in the theater: the actor, the playwright, or the director?
I hesitate to say whether the director, actor, or playwright is more "important." In regard to K COMMA JOSEPH, I feel that all three are of equal but different importance. This process, I am so happy to say, has been a true collaboration. We all have different skills, and points of view, but we share the common goal of digging deeper and exploring the world of the play. We want K COMMA JOSEPH to be, for everyone, great theatrical experience.

Why did you want to write/direct/produce/act in/work on this show?
I wanted to act in K COMMA JOSEPH because the role of K is a huge challenge. He is a mild mannered guy, kind of like me, but he also has a few very disturbing thoughts that he begins to put into action. These thoughts and actions scare the living bejesus out of me. K terrifies me. It's this fear that intrigues me.

Which cartoon character would you identify your show with: Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Mickey Mouse, Marge Simpson?
Hmmmm.... Bugs Bunny

If you had ten million dollars that you had to spend on theatrical endeavors, how would you use the money?
If I had ten million dollars to spend on theatrical endeavors, I would use it to create a theater space in Inwood, New York City (Northern Manhattan). This space would be home to a few theater companies, including UP Theater Company and The People Theater Project, and hopefully a Spanish Language Theater. It would also be a cool place to hang out, do poetry readings, improv, and music. I would call it the UP Theater Complex, or something like that. Thanks! See you at K COMMA JOSEPH!